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Engaging, interactive and informative content captures a users attention and creates memorable messages. We can work with you to design and build interactive video-based e-learning courses. By getting to know you and your business, we can deliver a service which is tailored to your needs and reflects your brand.

People don’t engage with dull content, so it’s important to develop online learning that is attractive and captivating. Our e-learning resources present information in a way that learners will easily understand and enjoy using on both desktop and mobile devices. By understanding your audience and their learning style, we can create an approach that users will love. We can also incorporate interactive questions to test their knowledge, as well as real time feedback as they progress through the questionnaire.

We have multiple options to offer you when it comes to e-learning, everything from large scale online training programmes to app based learning modules and micro-sites. We even have a bespoke and cost effective in house solution to creating your e-learning courses that we have developed in conjunction with Staffordshire University which was supported by the Staffordshire Digital Innovation Programme and part funded by the ERDF.

We can provide you with the ability to monitor users, capture data, and statistically analyse who is completing the training as well as branding the site to match your style. And a multimedia approach means we can incorporate, video, interactive lessons and questions as well as livestream elements to your courses.

Check out our case study to see how we helped UHNM train and advise health workers on how to administer a new medicine.

We’ve also produced e-Learning materials for Marks & Spencer, Bensons for Beds, Harveys Furniture and Virgin.

Contact us to find out how we can help you create inspiring, engaging and informative tools for your users.