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Documentary Filming in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, Manchester & Birmingham, UK

Documentary films are our passion and as trained broadcast journalists we’re able to investigate all angles of a story and bring it to life on the big screen. Whether we are capturing the story of your business, or documenting an event, our documentary film production is second to none.

Our documentaries have been screened around the world to millions of people and we know what it takes to turn an event into a captivating documentary. The history and heritage films that we have produced have captured people and events from the last century and preserved memories, events and emotions – not only for audiences today – but for future generations.

We are strong advocates of the art form that is document film making and are passionate about creating powerful and engaging films. As well as having the power to inform and entertain, documentaries provide a powerful way for businesses to communicate with their audiences. Our documentary film productions have been screened around the world to millions of people in the UK, Czech Republic, USA and many more showing the huge potential and reach of the medium.

Increasingly businesses and organisations are realising that documentary film production is an excellent way to communicate with stakeholders, clients and potential investors and one that helps to tell their story.

Inspired have produced corporate documentaries for a wide portfolio of clients some of which include: Birse Civils, Stoke-on-Trent City Council, Sibelco Europe and Staffordshire Housing Association.

Whether filming a retrospective of a corporate social responsibility programme like the work we produced about a former quarry for industrial mining company Sibelco, or capturing the social impact of a housing regeneration project, we have created a range of engaging documentaries for our customers.