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We provide a number of different services and you can take a look at what we do below.

Film is a versatile, constantly evolving communications tool and our dedicated, experienced team are here to help you make the most of it. If there’s something missing from this list that you’d like to discuss then please get in touch.

You can also see a examples of some of our work here.


What is a virtual event, well it is just like a real world event, except that the space in which it takes place is not a conference venue or public space but an online virtual venue. Think of all the things you would find at a regular event and they are just what you will find at a virtual event.

Your delegates will navigate a virtual space, interact and chat with vendors and exhibitors, watch live presentations, comment on things they watch, download content and even earn a voucher for their lunch on the day.

promotional video production


To put it simply your organisation needs a promotional film. Your customers and clients will want to know what you do and why it will benefit them and the best way to do this is via film.

We know how important your message is to you that’s why we we’ll spend time getting to know you, what you want to promote and how you want to do it before producing a film that delivers.

event filming


An event film is a fantastic way to capture your event.

Our crew can capture highlights of the day, keynote speeches, audience interaction, panel debates and vox pops with attendees.

We can produce a film that will not only document your event but also give you an excellent tool to promote future events.

training film


Film is a memorable and inspiring way to train staff.

At Inspired we understand that your training films should convey important information in an easy to understand and visually engaging manner.

We’ve worked with organisations across the UK and around the world to create engaging, memorable trainings films that truly Inspire!

documentary filming


We are strong and passionate advocates of documentary film making as an art form and as a crucial part of our business.

We believe that documentary film not only has the power to entertain and inform audiences around the world but is also a powerful business tool and means for communicating with your audience.

We’ve worked with companies and organisations around the world to create compelling, informative and entertaining documentaries for audiences of millions.


animated video and animation


Motion graphics, 3D animation, info-graphics, – Animation is a great way to grab your audiences attention and to relay information in an engaging manner.

Increasingly animation is becoming a crucial part of many organisations communications strategy and Inspired have experience of working on animation projects for companies of many different sizes with different budgets.

aerial drone filming

Aerial Drone Filming

We are qualified and licenced providers of high end drone services across the UK and beyond.

Our camera operators and highly qualified pilots have years of experience at delivering all kinds of aerial filming. From small vehicle surveys and inspections to specialist heavy lift work on feature films and everything in between.

broadcast crewing


We provide broadcast crewing solutions for broadcasters and production companies from around the UK and across the world.
From our base at the heart of the UK we can help you with any crewing needs you may have, from pre-production, research, contacts, broadcast ready kit and post-production on the move.

But what we think really marks us out is our can do attitude and approach to working with our worldwide customer base.

live streaming and webcasts


Inspired are perfectly placed at the heart of the UK to offer live streaming and webcasts to companies across the country.

It could be a one camera speaker or a multicam event. We have the technology and the experience to livestream your event online to a potential audience of billions!

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time lapse filming


Time-lapse incorporated within film provides stunning results and can add real value to any film whether for DVD, website or part of a presentation.

If you would like to capture anything from a stadium being filled over the course of an afternoon or a building construction being built over several years, we have a solution to match your need.

360 degree video


360 degree film is the hottest video marketing trend of the moment. Inspired can help your company join the virtual reality revolution.

Facebook, You Tube, Google and Samsung are amongst the leading tech companies enabling their apps and devices to allow users to interact with film in ways you never thought possible. 360 degree films fully immerse viewers in a film enabling them to navigate 360° around a shot.

It’s a fantastic way to showcase your product, venue or event.