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At Inspired we have been helping the healthcare sector to deliver better services at a lower cost through the use of video. Over the years we have worked with hospitals, trusts, service providers, charities and medical suppliers and have been at the forefront of video production in the healthcare sector.

We have been involved in all types of healthcare video productions from patient information films, training videos, department walkthroughs, advocacy films to covering conferences and everything in between. The purpose of the videos is to share best practices and to help give patients and service users the best care possible.

There have been many changes within the healthcare sector in recent years and we have produced films to explain the changes and challenges in the industry. We understand the needs of the healthcare sector and offer a range of video production services tailored to the specific needs and challenges faced. From animated infographics and industry expert interviews to conference coverage and training videos, we have done it all.

Some of the customers that we have worked with include: University Hospitals of North Midlands, The Royal Wolverhampton Hospital, J & J Pharmaceuticals, Medicina, South Staffordshire and Shropshire FT, SSOTP, NSCHT, Sodexho and Skanska. We are highly experienced in working in the healthcare sector and understand the sensitivities that are required as part of this.

For healthcare video production services in the UK, get in touch with Inspired today on 01782 845 533. Based in Stoke-on-Trent we specialise in delivering stylish, dynamic and inspiring videos that help to tell a story and convey the right message. Our professional team are friendly and approachable and are experienced in delivering projects for the healthcare sector.

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