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World of Wedgwood

We produced a series of short promotional films, which together created an overall promotional piece that appealed to a wide variety of visitors, broadening their market range.

Project: World of Wedgwood tourism

Location: Staffordshire, Midlands, UK

Service: Tourism Promotional Films



World of Wedgwood came to us with a brief to create a promotional film to help increase tourist numbers by showcase their most popular attractions, to their core demographics of families, older couples and groups of 30-55 year old women. The film needed to show the colourful offer that Wedgwood has in terms of history and heritage, participatory activities and fine dining.


With this brief, we suggested instead of creating one film we should record the same content but output a series of shorter films separating key offers and demographics. We produced a raft of 12 individual films that still included an overall promotional piece. This selection of content enabled Wedgwood to specifically target via social media key groups with specialized content to appeal to their wants.


The films were successful in showing the rich heritage and range of attractions at Wedgwood, whilst appealing to more customers, broadening their marketing range. We always look to offer as much ROI as we can to each customer, and focus on achieving the project goals. Therefore, making a series of short films, appealing to multiple customers was hugely successful in expanding the brief we were originally given and giving best result for the World of Wedgwood.