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Weston Park Fairy Trail

We developed an exciting AR mobile app containing both a woodland trail and a character collection game aimed at under elevens.  Users can explore the grounds at Weston ark and collect the fairies using the interactive app.

Project: The Enchanted Glen

Location: Staffordshire, Midlands, UK

Service: AR App Development



Weston Park were looking for an interactive experience that would be effective in bringing in more visitors. As a result, we were given the opportunity to create an interactive AR app. As well as being attractive to visitors, we needed to make the app historically authentic to show the heritage and story of Weston Park.


We created an exciting interactive mobile app for Weston Park visitors. The mobile app includes a woodland trail and a character collection game, tailored for players aged under 11. The app contains an exciting interactive experience that allows children to look out for fairies on a woodland trail, scan where they are located and reveal a character in augmented reality. The app even allows children to have fun taking photos of themselves holding the characters.

Our inspiration when developing the AR experience came from researching the archives of the house at Weston Park to include an authentic historical background to the app. The main inspiration which we found while researching Weston Park was the writings and lyrics of Lady Diana Bridgeman in the early 1900’s. From her writings, we were able to develop characters and stories as well as Edwardian music to accompany them.



After creating the exciting AR experience app for Weston Park, we were delighted to hear its success!

After it’s launch during May half term, the app has been increasingly successful. It’s main aim was to attract new visitors to the park with an audience specific marketing technique, and it has exceeded that goal. Now as their main area of marketing over this and next year, the app has doubled visitor numbers this June and July, proving the popularity of the AR app we created.

We are thrilled to hear of the success of the app and look forward to developing more characters for visitors to find in the park in the future… Watch this space!

To find out more about the experience please watch the film above!