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NHS Trust Baby Lead Weaning Film

Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent NHS Partnership wanted to create a baby weaning guidance and advice film to share with their clients. They wanted to signpost new mums and dads to valuable information and to produce a film which could be shared online.

Project: Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Partnership NHS Trust Baby Weaning Video
Location: Staffordshire, Midlands, UK
Service: Guidance Video

Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent NHS Partnership Trust wanted to create a ‘Baby Weaning Guidance and Advice’ video to share with their clients. The Trust wanted to signpost new mums to valuable information and to also produce a film that was watchable, fun and shareable online. To reflect the work of the trust in the film, the shoots needed to take place in the clients homes and would include some private moments between the families. Due to filming in people’s homes, we needed to be respectful and develop relationships to put them at ease.

We visited families in their homes to capture footage of the mothers and babies interacting, and display the work of the trust. To make sure the clips looked natural, we spent time developing good relationships with the clients to make sure they looked relaxed and happy. We wanted to have fun with the shoot, getting messy with the babies as they tried a variety of foods with their mums. We worked on a soundtrack and text which matched this fun style. To add to the informative nature of the video, we used voice-overs and text to include advice and guidance throughout the film. We also worked closely with the trust to ensure that the information was accurate and being presented in the right way, and were able to make any changes quickly and effectively.

Due to the relationships we had built with the clients, we were able to capture some amazing interactions between the mothers and babies to weave through the film. We fulfilled the brief of making an informative film by providing guidance and advice through text and voice-overs. The video we produced is fun, watchable, shareable, contains a serious message and conveys important information, in such a way that engages a specific audience.

‘Thank you so much for your recent input with myself and Laura to create a weaning video for our Trust. You were very patient with the numerous changes we needed to make but you managed to accommodate them all.

Thank you too for being so respectful in the client’s homes. We were guests and you acknowledged that and were very good with the babies and mothers. You have wonderful footage of the interaction between babies and their mums and of them feeding happily.

The voice overs and the texts on the video are exactly what we wanted to create so thank you. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company.’ – Jemma Shaw, Health Visitor and CPE