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We visited Croatia with Sir Bobby Charlton’s land mine charity Find A Better Way. Sir Bobby and Find A Better Way travelled to Zagreb to find out how landmines still blight the lives of local people and how the local University are developing techniques to better detect landmines in challenging geological conditions.

The Challenge:
Setup by Manchester United and England football legend Sir Bobby Charlton, Find A Better Way is a UK charity that is committed to provide humanitarian assistance and ultimately negate the effects of landmines and explosive remnants of war.

Find A Better Way first approached Inspired in 2013 as they were looking at film as a way to further promote and showcase the charity and the work that they do. Their work covers a range of projects that encompass: research, education and humanitarian and it was important to be able to convey this in their promotional film. In order to properly understand the work that they did we needed to disseminate often complex and sensitive work that was carried out at Universities and organisations around Europe.

The Concept:
Since 2013 we have travelled extensively around the UK and Europe recording and documenting the work that has been carried out and funded by Find A Better Way. During this time we’ve worked with education and research organisations and captured complex and sensitive material which we’ve condensed into short promotional videos for existing and potential funders.

We also covered a number of events at prestigious venues across the UK and recorded highlights of the event including interviewing stakeholders and partners and producing a highlights package for future funders.

At the heart of everything we have done for Find A Better Way is their mission: “To develop and exploit technology, facilitate education and provide humanitarian assistance to victims and their families in order to reduce fatalities and future injuries, alleviate hardship and ultimately negate the effects of landmines and Explosive Remnants of War.”

“On Behalf of Sir Bobby Charlton, my fellow trustees and the team at Find A Better Way, may I express my sincere thanks to the team at Inspired for the wonderful work you do for the Charity. The films you produce are of the highest standard and Inspired are a pleasure to work with.”