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Forward North Staffords is a documentary film about Major Cecil Wedgwood and the men from the Wedgwood factory who served in World War One. Filming on location in the UK and France with Tom Wedgwood we tell the incredible story of Major Cecil and the men from Wedgwood who fought alongside him.

Project: The Wedgwood Museum Documentary

Location: France and Staffordshire UK

Service: Documentary



We love documenting the heritage of Stoke on Trent and North Staffordshire and so we were thrilled when the Staffordshire Regiment Museum and The Wedgwood Museum approached us in 2014 to discuss producing a documentary film and exhibition about Major Cecil Wedgwood and the men from the Wedgwood factory who went to fight in the Great War with him.

Major Wedgwood was the first Mayor of Stoke on Trent, a distinguished war hero and Chairman of Wedgwood when war broke out on 1914. He set out to raise a battalion of men and went to fight on the western front with many men from Wedgwood and North Staffordshire.


We wanted to produce a film with a personal touch and so we asked Major Wedgwoods, great nephew Tom Wedgwood to present the film and join is on a personal journey to find out more about his great uncle and the men. We shot on location in the UK and France meeting relatives, historians and battle field guides and we retold their story and found out more about their lives. We worked closely with both Museums to research their archives where letters and diary entries helped us build up a picture of their experiences. It was a fascinating process which helped us produce a moving film and exhibition which is even being used by the Wedgwood Museum this summer.


The film and exhibition were a  great example of how Museums and similar organisations can use film and digital technology to help bring their archives to life and engage with a  new audience.