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The Albion Foundation is the charity linked to West Bromwich Albion Football Club. They wanted to surprise wheelchair footballer Danny Kay with a visit from his favourite WBA players. Our cameras followed the day and followed the players as they arrived surprising Danny when he was midway through an interview with us.

Company name: Albion Foundation
Location: Birmingham, West Midlands, UK
Services: Promotional Film

The Challenge:
The Albion Foundation is the charitable, community arm of West Bromwich Albion Football Club. The foundation works in partnership with the football club and uses the medium of football to provide sporting and educational opportunities to the most disadvantaged members of the local community. The foundation approached Inspired to ask us about filming a community event with a twist. They wanted a way to surprise Danny in the West Bromwich Albion Wheelchair Football team and have his heroes from the West Bromwich First Team play a game with him.
As this needed to be a surprise the challenge was in how to film the promotional film without Danny and his team mates knowing what was going on.

The Concept:
In order to capture the exact moment the first team arrived and capture the look of surprise and delight on Danny’s face we needed to think of how we could stage the visit. First up we organised a film crew to attend a training session with the Wheelchair team telling them that we were producing a film about them. This gave us the access we needed to Danny and his team mates.
While the first team was busy with the wheelchair team our second crew was ready to record the arrival of the first team players and capture the reactions as they interrupted Danny mid interview to see if he fancied a game. This two pronged approach allowed us to capture the emotions and create a truly inspirational promotional film.