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The Coronavirus pandemic has created many challenges for both Inspired and our customers. We have been working hard to find innovative solutions to help you communicate with customers and staff whilst remaining socially distanced.

Since March we have been working with our long term customer Cyber News Group to launch a virtual conferencing platform and will be hosting our first event in June. We have researched the vast majority of platforms available and weighed up the relevant benefits of each before committing to a partner.

The platform we have chosen allows both live and pre-recorded video content, live text, audio and video communication between delegates, speakers and vendors as well as virtual exhibition booths. It is suitable for exhibitions, conferences, training days and all forms of networking.

The platform is secure, robust and has a wealth of analytics to help you with marketing or monitoring.

Most virtual conference platforms are seeing unprecedented levels of interest at the moment, and with the majority based in the USA, lead times are large and customer service levels are low. Being slightly ahead of the curve in looking into this market meant we secured a partner, received training and now offer a full managed service with short lead times and us as your UK based customer services support.

If you think your organisation might be able to use this service please get in touch and we can talk you through how it might work to suit your individual needs.