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Video marketing trends 2017

Consumption of video content is still increasing at a frightening pace. The statistics are phenomenal and I don’t need to bore you with them. We all know that online everybody loves watching video, they watch lots (and lots) and use social media and news channels that themselves are increasingly focusing on sharing video.

The familiarity we all have with video content means marketeers need to be ahead of the curve when planning their strategy for the upcoming year to ensure their brand stands out from the crowd. At Inspired it is vital to our business to know what type of video marketing is on trend. So to save you time we have taken what organisations like Forbes, The Guardian, Mashable, Marketing Week and Tubular Insights are saying and put together a brief explanation of the top video marketing trends that could benefit your business in 2017 and beyond.

1. 360° video

I don’t want to gloat but…we told you so! This time last year we were saying that after a number of false dawns finally 2016 was the year 360° video would take off and boy has it. The commitment of You Tube, Facebook, GoPro, Samsung and other platforms and tech manufacturers to push this into the mainstream has paid dividend with most brands investing heavily in creating content. The tech is changing rapidly and this form of content is open to all budgets. Undoubtedly this has been our fastest growing area of business and nothing looks like stopping this continuing in 2017.

2. Genuine story telling

We are marketed to constantly and people are becoming cynical. Brands are now working with documentary-makers like to us find true to life stories that in someway represent the ethos of their brand and then sponsor the production of a film so they can share them with the world. There are so many platforms for short form documentary (Lad Bible, Vice, Telegraph, Monocle, the Guardian, the Economist to name but a few) these days that brands are investing in order to subtlety associate themselves with inspirational people, events or movements. This kind of marketing is about genuine entertainment not selling a product, we love it.

3. Facebook

Facebook is becoming THE platform of choice for video marketing. The simplicity and relatively inexpensive way of running paid ad campaigns means marketeers need to take advantage the benefits of using Facebook which to very briefly summarise include, great exposure, social connectivity, potential for virality, search engine visibility, and ease of use.

4. Live-streaming

If you are not live-streaming you should be. The vast majority of consumers are now so used to watching online video that live online broadcasts have finally started to have the influence and success that has been predicted for many years. Facebook Live and Twitter incorporating Periscope are making a difference in the social media landscape but also Live streaming platform advances, broadcast equipment and paygate technology are making a direct to market distribution model viable for organisations of all kinds. This year inspired have streamed a wide variety of programmes including lectures, conferences, a multi-location outside broadcast for an NHS trust and a number of sporting events. 2017 will see more growth in this area and more diverse projects.

5. Geo-localised content

The 4 P’s of marketing are dead right? Not quite! Place marketing is on the up and a raft of Augmented Reality and GPS based apps are meaning that it is easy to send content that is specifically made to be viewed where they are at that exact moment. The popularity of Pokemon Go has got everyone excited about how this kind of technology can be used. Heritage, health, tourism, B2C, B2B and anyone else you can think of can exploit it and are coming to us asking how we can make location specific content to wow their target market.

I hope this has got everyone excited about the possibilities of video for the coming year. If you would like to come and speak to us about your plans or how you can integrate some of these ideas into your own strategies please get in touch hello@inspiredfilmandvideo.co.uk 01782 845533