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Working within an industry that relies on being innovative when it comes to tech trends means it is extremely important to invest into the tech industry. This investment then creates a number of technological advancements and improvements, not to mention furthering job opportunities. This is very important to us at Inspired Film and Video, as innovation within technology is at the heart of what we do, and we love celebrating local industry success within our work. So we were excited to hear that the North is becoming a serious competitor within the entire of Europe for investments and growth in the tech industry.

While London is still a powerhouse of tech investment, there is no denying that the North has become a worthy competitor. With Manchester at the forefront and Leeds becoming the new home of Channel 4, the North’s private equity investment in the tech sector has grown by 619% between 2012 and 2017. These numbers speak for themselves, and show just how serious the North is in growing their tech industry and creating more jobs in modern technology.

Here at Inspired, we love to encourage the growth of the tech industry in the North, as we believe that you don’t need to be in London to produce a talented hub of tech jobs. Being based in Stoke- on- Trent is the perfect location for technological advancement, as we are on the doorstep of most major northern cities that have proven to be consistently improving and expanding within the tech industry, giving us further business and further inspiration. Not to mention the ever improving tech and film industry within Stoke itself, there are now more modern tech jobs in Stoke than ever before. With many growing small businesses on the rise, tech innovation is increasingly important.

As part of these amazing investments, we have contributed ourselves by offering new digital media to our clients with services including increasingly popular AR and VR technologies, as well as 360 videos and e-learning services. Being able to offer multiple medias is extremely exciting, as we are able to produce contemporary, eye catching content, while contributing to the advancement of tech companies within northern cities. Other contributions we have made within Stoke is the investment into young talent at the local university, offering  employment opportunities to graduates within Staffordshire, as well as creating opportunities of learning within the tech sector. Each year we invest into a Filmmaker’s Fund, giving film students at the local university the chance to win a grant to help them with their final year project. We think that it is very important to invest in young talent and give them the sources to succeed and innovate within tech,  creating valuable local talent that subsequently contributes to the industry.

We are very happy to hear how successful the North has become within the tech industry, and are extremely excited to see how much further we can go!