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We want to show our appreciation for everything our NHS and key workers are doing during this difficult time and we are sure that you want to say thank you too. 

That’s why we’re inviting you to send us a short film clip to say thank you to those working through the Coronavirus crisis and why you appreciate what they are doing. We’ll edit these together and share with the amazing staff at UHNM and we’ll share on our own social media. 

Come on Stoke and Staffordshire show your support


Filming tips;

Keep it short. No more than 30 seconds please.

Landscape not portrait please. That means turn your phone on its side!

We want to hear you so don’t have the phone too far away.

We want to see you so turn your light on and don’t sit in front of a window.

Submit your clip by email and remember to tell us your name and where you are from in the text.

Send to  hello@inspiredfilmandvideo.co.uk

So please get recording and send us your clips now, we’ll be sharing them at the end of each week.