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As summer comes to an end and we welcome a new set of eager students to university, we can’t help but reminisce about our past productions with Staffordshire university and its students, as we look forward to their well deserved Celebrating Staff’s Success award ceremony tonight that we have the pleasure of being a part of.

We have been collecting footage of the amazing departments at Staffs uni over the past month as part of a corporate video for their exciting awards ceremony, including interviews and shots of them working, showing exactly why they deserve an award and why they are proud to be Staffs.

Meeting and filming each nominee has been an interesting and inspiring experience. We are no strangers to working with Staffs and know the uni quite well. Or so we thought. Being able to explore each nominee’s story has given us a great insight into the work that goes on every day at the uni, showing us exactly why they are proud to be staffs. And they have every reason to be! Across a diverse set of subjects, we have seen the dedication and success of each one, which certainly makes us proud to be based in Staffordshire.

Having worked regularly with the university, filming full coverage of their graduation ceremonies, as well as having the majority of our staff being Staffs graduates, this project was particularly interesting to be a part of as we are eager to promote both Staffs university for upcoming students, and the Staffordshire community as a budding hive of creativity to stay and work in for graduates.

Good luck to all of the nominee’s, here’s to a great night!