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It’s national coding week! And we had the pleasure to meet some people who code on Monday.

Our Corporate Coding Video

At a cyber security convention for The Cyber News Group, we spoke to some interesting people while filming interviews and event coverage for our corporate film. Amongst a busy convention, we were very interested to see that one of their lead speakers was a 12 year old coder and hacker from London. The event took place in Manchester which we think was great as it shows a continuous increase in bringing influential events outside London, making them accessible for people to attend that are based outside the capital.

Young Coders

The determination and drive of Femo, the 12 year old hacker from London was very inspiring to watch. During his talk he spoke about encouraging young people into positive coding and explained his many events of meeting children from all over the world, as far as Bangladesh and the U.S, particuarly children with Autism and Tourett’s, and teaching them how to code. As part of Femo’s talk, he explained just how easy it is for kids to code and subsequently learn to hack. He then went on to talk about the dangers of this, as many children accidentally fall into the darker side of hacking when they could be using their skills for good. (More about Femo.)

To illustrate this, we learned that the youngest hacker in the world is as young as 5! We were shocked to hear just how much hacking can be ‘child’s play’, and how cyber security can be compromised by almost anyone, even someone who isn’t old enough to know that what they’re doing could be wrong.

At Inspired Film and Video we love to encourage young talent, and have worked continuously with university students, including funding student projects ourselves. (Read more.)  So we thought it was great to hear that young people are being encouraged in other areas of tech, such as the surprisingly young and talented hackers we learned about at the Cyber News Group’s event.

We are happy to know that our video’s can show these young peoples talents, as well as supporting them behind the scenes!

Check out Cyber New’s website very soon to see the video!