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‘Macari’s Red & White Army’ is a celebration of the glorious Stoke City team that won the league title in 1992/1993.

This is the story of the team told by the people that were there, both on the pitch and on the terraces. The highs and lows, victories and defeats, goals and drama relived and retold on screen.

But this isn’t just a film about Stoke City, it’s a film about the City of Stoke. The people, pot-banks, politics and personalities around the city at the time.

It’s a film set in the first season of the Premier League, in a footballing world much different than today, before money changed the game forever.

We’ve got loads of interviews lined up, memories to capture, archive photos and video to license (it’s expensive too!) and edit so we’re running this Crowdfunder to help us to do this throughout 2017.

So please get involved – donate, pre-order a DVD, join us at the Premiere or come to Berlin with us. Find out more click here.

Help us remember ‘Macari’s Red & White Army’