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Founding member and Managing Director of Inspired Film and Video, Daniel Stubbs, is 40 today! We’re celebrating Dan’s birthday with 4 facts that you might not know about him…

1) Although he has had flying lessons, spanish lessons and drumming lessons…He can’t do any of them.

2) He was the lead singer of a short-lived Stoke-on-Trent indie rocker band called ‘Mixen Lane.’ All of the 15 people that attended their famous 1995 ‘Wheatsheaf’ gig will never forget that night (or his ponytail).

3) His first job working in the media industry at the young age of 11-years-old was delivering the Sentinel to the streets of Basford.

4) The house that he grew up in now has a blue plaque. However, it’s not to honour him. H G Wells was inspired to write ‘War of the Worlds’ whilst living there. One house, two geniuses!

Happy birthday Dan from all of the team at Inspired!