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This weekend, our film crew flew out to Hamburg to film for our documentary, Fanatical. I know, it’s a hard job, but someone’s gotta do it! We travelled out there to follow the story of St. Pauli, which is a very different kind of football club. (You’ll have to watch our documentary to find out why!) During our tour of the city, we met some club officials and fans to discover just what it is that makes their supporters so unique. The weather may have been awful, but our camera crew and production team were undeterred and still captured the amazing atmosphere at the club.

Dave Doughman (what a legend), runs the music school at St. Pauli, and gave us a behind the scenes tour of the football stadium. We also had a look around the music studio that Dave runs with the help of the brand Levi’s, which brings the community together with sessions for children and refugees alike. The studio is an unusual use of Levi’s corporate box at the club. This highlights that the club really is the heart of the community in Hamburg.

It was amazing to experience the infectious atmosphere at St Pauli’s and we can see why the fans are so fanatical about the club. It’s such a pleasure to be able to visit different places as part of our production process, and we’re proud that we are able to deliver the same standard of service in any location in the UK or internationally.