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You may have seen reports of bad weather across Germany and Central Europe this week. Well, we’ve been right in the middle of it shooting a factory tour for our customer Alsecco – a building facade design and manufacturer – who are UK based in Staffordshire. They contacted us last week with the opportunity to travel over to Netzschaau which is close to the German/Czech border. Despite having other film shoots booked in, we had the crew, kit and – most importantly – the skills to respond and our crew flew out for the shoot despite the bad weather. As well as a conventional factory tour film we are also shooting some innovative 360 degree films and we look forward to seeing them online very soon.

Over the last 10 years we’ve shot on location in places as diverse as Singapore, Oman, United States and across Europe, so we’re well aware and prepared for the challenges unique to international shoots. From our point of view, creating a quality film in Germany, is no different to working on a project in the UK.