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Last month we spent the day filming with local housing provider Aspire when they hosted a visit from the Anglo Dutch Directors Club. We travelled across the area capturing highlights of the day and then produced an edit for use that evening.

The club is a group of Directors and Chairs from across British and Dutch housing providers. Delegates met to explore Staffordshire’s rich heritage and to network and exchange ideas and best practice around regeneration, heritage and sustainability. We spent the day documenting their visit, capturing highlights and recording interviews about the trip and the discussions they were having and ideas which were exchanged.

The crew followed the delegates as they explored Middleport Pottery in Burslem and then the PM Training Centre in Hanley. The piece was edited ‘on the go’ by a member of our team, analysing and logging footage and preparing an edit for use that evening on social media channels. The ability to work on this type of project is just one our specialist areas. Our large, multi skilled team are able to shoot and edit as they work and then turn around films within hours of an event finishing. Being able to do this means that your film has an immediate impact and you can engage your audience straightaway.