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360° film making is the hottest video marketing trend of the moment. Inspired can help your company join the virtual reality revolution.

Imagine if your customers could take a walk around your venue, look inside your vehicle or inspect your products in 360°, from anywhere in the world. 360 degree films fully immerse viewers in a film enabling them to navigate 360° around a shot.

Many of us have experienced 360° photography online. 360° film takes virtual reality a step further producing a 360° experience where the viewer can take in everything around them. It’s a truly immersive experience that most leading brands are embracing as a vital part of their marketing mix.

Facebook, You Tube, Google and Samsung are amongst the leading tech companies enabling their apps and devices to allow users to interact with film in ways you never thought possible.

We’ve already produced content for football clubs, tourism boards, museums and local councils.

Contact us to find out how we can help you use 360° film-making to create an interactive, immersive and memorable marketing experience.

Take a look at our 360° film showreel on our You Tube channel.