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Our films have helped promote, train, entertain and engage with audiences around the world. Film is accessible, immediate and a fantastic way to connect with customers and colleagues. We’re proud of our work and you can take a look at some examples below.

Our work covers a variety of sectors – take a look here.


Here at inspired we do a huge range of work for our diverse client base. Our films have helped promote, train, document and inspire businesses and organisations of all sizes from all sectors all around the world. Take a look at our showreel for a flavour of the kinds of work we love to do here at Inspired.



We work extensively with broadcasters from around the world providing a full production facility. Over the past two years we’ve worked alongside Danish broadcaster SBS to produce content for their Premier League coverage, this has involved shoot across the UK with the public and some of the biggest names in Premier League football.


Fat Face Brand Camp


We spent an exciting three days in the Lake district with the Fat Face team filming all kinds of team building and development activities. Our team captured all the action using special sports cameras getting a unique view on the rock climbing, sailing, mountain biking, hiking, caving, abseiling and many other great activities at this mini festival. It was great fun for all involved and made for a really engaging film about the event. If you want to see more of our work, visit our portfolio page or YouTube channel.


Ambulance Service


The Ambulance Service Charity helps support Ambulance services staff in times of personal crisis. They wanted a film to help raise awareness of the amazing work done by Ambulances Services personnel day after day, and the importance of giving them the support they need to do their jobs. For the Inspired team it was an exciting glimpse into an action packed job with some amazing people and a great film at the end of it.

Healthcare / Promotional

Wedgwood documentary


Forward North Staffords - Wedgwood and the Great War is a documentary film about Major Cecil Wedgwood and the men from the Wedgwood factory who served in World War One. Filming on location in the UK and France with his direct descendant Tom Wedgwood we tell the incredible story of Major Cecil and the men from Wedgwood who fought alongside him. Documentary and heritage projects are a speciality here at Inspired and its always a privilege to be able to tell the stories of such amazing people.

Heritage / Documentary



Inspired have a wealth of experience working within the health sector and this film is an introduction to Children’s Services at the University Hospital North Midlands. We wanted to produce a film that engaged with potential younger viewers and so worked with the NHS trust to develop a treatment and a script that would do just this.

Healthcare / Promotional

Sir Bobby Charlton in Croatia


We visited Croatia with Sir Bobby Charlton’s land mine charity Find A Better Way. Sir Bobby and Find A Better Way travelled to Zagreb to find out how landmines still blight the lives of local people and how the local University are developing techniques to better detect landmines in challenging geological conditions.

International / Documentary

Travis Perkins


Travis Perkins are a huge organisation with dozens of high street brands to their name, and when they rolled out Google working across all the whole company they needed a way to let their staff know the benefits to them and how they could make best use of it. Thats why the approached Inspired, we made them a film that involved people and locations from across the company and told all their staff some of the key reasons they should be excited about the Google way of working.

International / Training Film

Sam Ward with STX hockey sticks


STX are an international brand who make high quality sports products and when they teamed up with England hockey international Sam Ward they wanted to let the world know about the incredible sticks they were manufacturing for him. We spent some time with Sam on the filed and in training, getting some great action and slow motion shots for this promotional film which has been seen around the world.

Sports / Promotional

UKTI Toye & Co


We worked with UKTI on this great film to profile a number of businesses who had benefited from their international trade assistance. Toye & Co are a business with a long history in Birmingham's jewellery quarter, producing everything from military medals Royal regalia and it was really fascinating to get under the skin of their business in order to tell their story.

International / Promotional

Potbanks in Stoke


Miniature Stoke asks the viewer to think about the City of Stoke-on-Trent if there were only 100 people living there. It examines key statistics about the population demographics and presents them in an interesting, engaging way. We shot at locations across the city and designed info graphics to accompany the footage and make the information easier to understand.

Heritage / Documentary

video production - I support my dad


“I Support My Dad” explores how the 1984-85 miners’ strike affected the lives of children who were involved in the protest in North Staffordshire. The project, which secured Heritage Lottery Fund funding, explores the experiences of children growing up in the mining community at the time of the strike and retells their stories of what life was like on the picket line and how this shaped their adult life. Telling powerful stories from a new perspective is a great passion of ours and we were so pleased to be able to tell what for many is a familiar story through fresh eyes.

Heritage / Documentary

Brampton museum - ww1 memories


With the centenary commemorations of WW1 taking place the Brampton museum wanted to tell the stories of ordinary Staffordshire people who lived through the great war. Using letters from the trenches and the home front we re-enacted some of their stories so that younger generations could understand some of what their relatives would have experienced 100 years ago. With a fantastic group of actors and period costumes we created a series of personal films that leave you hanging on every word.

Heritage / Documentary

Danny Kay


The Albion Foundation is the charity linked to West Bromwich Albion Football Club. They wanted to surprise wheelchair footballer Danny Kay with a visit from his favourite WBA players. Our cameras followed the day and followed the players as they arrived surprising Danny when he was midway through an interview with us.

Sports / Promotional

Tourism in Stoke-on-Trent


This is one of a series of promotional films produced for the Stoke on Trent tourism department. The films were shot all over the city and showcase some of the most exciting and fun activities and places to visit in Stoke. The Inspired team got to experience first hand the fantastic things on offer but in between the rock climbing and cream teas we made a really great series of films that we are all proud of.