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Hospital Patient Information Films

Project: University Hospitals of North Midlands Head and Neck Cancer Patient Information Films
Location: Stoke-on-Trent, UK
Sector: Healthcare


Striving to create the best experience possible for their patients, University Hospitals of North Midlands were looking to develop some patient information films to explain each stage of the treatment and care of head and neck cancer. They required a series of videos introducing different members of the team and the specialities involved, as well as putting patients at ease by showing them what they can expect at each stage of treatment. Due to the sensitive nature of the production, we needed to be mindful and respectful when dealing with the patients involved in filming. We also wanted to ensure that we created a natural and accurate representation of each of the services.

We worked closely with Wendy Robson, Key Clinical Nurse, to ensure that we understood their needs and were able to create an accurate representation of treatment. Due to our experience and professional approach, we were able to capture the content we needed whilst remaining discrete and not being intrusive on the privacy of the patients. We created the videos in a style that is friendly, natural and bright, to ensure that the patient felt more at ease, as well as informed about the procedures. To do this, we created a profile of each team member, as well as showing them in their usual environment with a real-life patient.

We created a series of friendly, natural and bright videos that inform the patients and provide the best possible experience for them. They are introduced to friendly faces in each video to make them feel at ease, as well as being shown real-life footage of procedures to demonstrate what happens in each area. UHNM were impressed by the professionalism of the team when dealing with patients, and pleased with the ‘very polished’ and enlightening videos.

‘Everybody enjoyed working with the Team from Inspired, who were very professional at all times, keeping in mind the sensitivity when dealing with the patients. The results are very polished and do give an enlightening overview of some of the specialities involved in the care and support of patients receiving treatment for Head and Neck Cancer.
Thank you for all your patience, support and advice in helping us transform our idea into reality.’