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Esme Solutions - Skipton Car Dealership from Inspired on Vimeo.

Esme Solutions Event Video

Project: The Black Diamond Event

Location: North Yorkshire

Service: Promotional Corporate Video



Esme Solutions, who provide car sales events to car dealerships, were looking for a promotional corporate video to display their brand new ‘Black Diamond Event’. This gave us an excellent opportunity to use both sleek visuals and interesting information to display and promote the event for potential customers, while celebrating the usefulness and so far effectiveness that the event brings to the company and their clients.



As a result, we created a promotional video showcasing their new event taking place whilst explaining the full functionality and benefits of the event. This was very effective as it showed both how the event would look, plus an inside view into how the event is run, exactly what it entails and the benefit it would bring to clients.



We were delighted to hear excellent feedback from Esme Solutions! They were very happy to receive an effective video which completely included everything that they wished to show, demonstrating their brand and services perfectly.

You can read about the new event and see our video on Esme Solutions website here!