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The Challenge:
Staffordshire University and Stoke-on-Trent Council wanted a way to celebrate the work of an elusive, Banksy-style local graffiti artist whose murals and images had inspired local people. Professor Pigment or Pro Pig as he is better known has made Stoke-on-Trent his canvas for over three years and has made it his mission to promote the area through his work. The council and Staffordshire University thought that his work should be showcases and wanted to host a series of events and produce a film to celebrate his vision.

Having worked with the council in the past they knew what Inspired could do for them and so asked us to get involved in the project and produce a documentary film for them that took viewers behind the scenes.

The Concept:
Our goal was clear: to create a documentary that complimented the edgy, urban feel of Pro Pig’s work. We wanted the film to capture Pro Pig at work and to explore the wider cultural context of graffiti and urban art, while maintaining a contemporary and visually dynamic look. ‘Trail & Error’ was a celebration of the work of Pro Pig that looked at his inspiration and motivations as well as showing the positive effect his work had on the local community.

As well as a documentary film the collaboration also included an art trail of Pro Pig’s work leading from Entrepreneurs in the city centre to gallery One One Six in Stoke town centre. Along with the screening of the documentary at the Film Theatre at Staffordshire University was a special message by Pro Pig in which he shed his anonymity to reveal that he was Andy Evans, a 21 year old Graphic Design student at Staffordshire University.