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Keele University/University Hospital North Midlands Research Team

Customer: Keele University/University Hospital North Midlands Research Team
Location: Stoke-on-Trent, UK
Services: Training Films, E-Learning

UHNM were looking for a tool which would enable them to train and advise health workers on how to administer a new medicine. They wanted a tool that they could use to reach as many people as possible and would result in certification for the health professional. They wanted to combine educational videos and an interactive questionnaire which could allow the user to become certified, and also allow them to gather information about who was completing the online certification

It’s always essential that we understand our customer needs, and following our initial meeting we set out to produce an innovative e-learning guide which demonstrated how to administer the medication. We produced e-learning videos to educate the health professionals, along with some interactive questions to test their knowledge and understanding of the medicine and procedure. We also incorporated real time feedback for the user as they progressed through the questionnaire.

The e-learning tool that we provided proved to be effective in teaching health professionals how to administer the medicine. It gave the customer the ability to monitor certified users, and statistically analyse who was completing the training. This also increased knowledge around the use of the new medicine.


‘Dan and his colleagues were excellent, they worked closely with us understanding our needs to deliver a first class result which will be of great help in the success of our clinical trial.’

Alison Buttery, Clinical Studies Coordinator Keele University/UHNM NHS Trust