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Fish4Dogs Fitness Challenge

Project: Fish4Dogs
Service: Information and product videos

Fish4Dogs were looking to create an informative video for their customers to teach them how they can improve the health and fitness of their dogs, as well as their own. They wanted to provide an expert voice, and incorporate advice from dog training expert, Graeme Hall, and fitness coach Chris Bailey. As well as making the video informative, we needed to ensure that we highlighted Fish4Dogs products, the benefits and USPs, and how they can be used for dog training.

We created a series of videos that can be launched over a period of time on social media. This will ensure that they videos receive optimum views and engagement, and provide the best return on investment for the company. As well as filming informational clips of the trainers, we also captured fun and exciting footage of the dog training in action. In order to showcase the products, we ensured that we had close up shots of the treats and included important nutritional information. Due to large amount of marketing videos on social media, you need to be able to cut through the noise. Giving something away for free as a part of your video is a great way to encourage people to click on your video and listen to your message. In this case, we gave away free advice and learning on how to improve the fitness of your dog. Incorporating a light touch mention of the product throughout the videos leaves your brand at the forefront of people’s minds without it being a ‘hard sell’.

The ‘Fish4Dogs Fitness Challenge’ video series comprises of 3 videos addressing different areas of health and fitness for dogs and their owners. We weaved product information throughout the films to highlight Fish4Dog nutritional information and the benefits of using their treats for training. This is a fantastic way of using your expert knowledge to help your customers, as well as teaching them more about the benefits of your products and introducing them to new goods to purchase.