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Di Camillo Tours

Customer : Di Camillo Tours

Location: Derbyshire, UK, USA

Services: Promotional, tourism

The Challenge

Boston-based Di Camillo Tours runs tours of UK Stately homes for groups of American tourists. Di Camillo were looking to use video to market their business to a wider audience across the USA. They asked us to produce a promotional film that would capture the highlights of a tour, the atmosphere, the grandeur, the access and the unique possibilities a tour would offer. Logistically this project was a challenge – dealing with a customer, organizing a shoot of what was essentially a live event and creating a film that matched the high end brand values of an organisation whose offer is aimed at wealthy clientele, from over 3000 miles away and with a five hour time difference is never easy.

Di Camillo tours

The Solution

Good communication was the key to the success of this project. Working out of hours, effectively sharing information and maximizing modern communication tools like Google Docs and Skype ensured the production ran smoothly. We met a party upon arrival in the UK and travelled with them on a visit to Derbyshire, recording their visit to a stately home and the surrounding area, capturing the visit and recording interviews about their experiences and what made their visit so special. In order to give the film a high end feel we used a drone to capture some dramatic aerial shots of the stately home and the wonderful Derbyshire countryside.

The DJi drone

The Result

Di Camillo tour aerial shot

The drone footage gave a cinematic look to the promotional feature. The testimonials perfectly captured the enthusiasm of the party and they offered a real life glowing endorsement that puts customers at ease when purchasing a premium price service like the one offered by Di Camillo. They are now using the film to promote their service to potential customers looking to book future tours. As well as the film being used to increase stickiness to their website and improve SEO it is also the focus of a large scale email campaign.


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