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Bostik animated product videos

Project: Bostik
Location: Staffordshire, Midlands
Service: Animated video adverts

Our long term customers, Bostik, wanted to create a series of animated videos to advertise a range of their products. They needed product videos for internal and external marketing to provide information about the main features of each one. Product comparison films were also needed to highlight the differences and unique selling points of each type. To appeal to the specific target audience for Bostik, we needed to ensure that the video was in keeping with their brand identity. They are known for use of humour in their marketing activities, so it was important that we incorporated this into the videos.

We mixed 2D and 3D animation with live action filming to create an exciting and informative series of product videos. Bostik’s brand identity was maintained throughout the videos by incorporating their style and injecting humour into the films. We travelled to locations around Bostik’s HQ in Staffordshire to capture the live action filming of products, and then added the animation and effects during post-production.

We created a range of dynamic and fun product videos that clearly display the unique selling points and main features. The films represent the brand well and communicate their style and brand voice. They have used the videos widely and received a great response from their clients and customers.