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Facebook Live, we’ve all heard about it, we’ve all seen broadcasts and we all know we should be using it more to engage with our customers and expand our brand’s influence, but where do we start? How can your business use Facebook Live effectively?

Facebook Live

Facebook should form an important part of your marketing strategy and Live should definitely be part of your Facebook strategy, whether you are B2C or B2B. Thankfully it has been many years since we have had to sell the benefits of including video in your mix but what is so special about live broadcasts? In an age of content on demand, where people consume media as and when it suits them, live broadcast of all forms has been somewhat of a surprise success story. It is clear that people still want to take part in shared experiences. The interactive element that social media has bought to these events has made them more popular than ever. So Facebook Live combines the power of videos, “in the moment value”, instant engagement/feedback and because the videos stay online after the stream great value for money on your productions. What is not to love?

There have been some great uses of the format by broadcasters, bands and celebrities but what could your business use Facebook Live for?

Live events:

If you are hosting a live event of any kind why not extend the guest list to 1.1 billion Facebook users. No matter what the type of event you are hosting, conference, lecture or tour you can benefit by getting more eyes on what you are doing.

Product Launch:

You may have a new product or service to promote that doesn’t quite fit with a large scale launch but certainly will suit a virtual reveal where you can build interest in what you have to offer and answer questions in real time.

Behind the Scenes:

Broadcasters have been having great success by giving their audience “exclusive access” to what they do using Facebook Live. If you are a well known brand this is a good opportunity to show your customers an aspect of your business they do not normally get to see. This is a very good way of strengthening brand loyality.

Seems too good to be true? Any time you put out content to promote your organisation you need to be careful as live broadcasting does come without its pitfalls. Here are some tips to help you avoid a public relations nightmare.

Facebook Live


Just because its live doesn’t mean you don’t need a plan, in fact you need a plan more than ever. Rehearse if you can and have a clear vision for how you want the broadcast to progress and what you want to say. Avoid awkward silences and jabbering incoherently at all costs!

Good Production Values:

The whole point of what you are doing is to benefit the perception of your brand. Just because you can stream via a mobile phone doesn’t mean you always should. If you’re behind the scenes on a CSR project like a litter pick then fair enough but if you are launching a product or giving a lecture to distinguish yourself as an industry expert make sure you bring in the professionals (I wouldn’t have written this if there was nothing in it for me would I?!). Livestreams are usually much cheaper than traditional corporate film work and offer good value for money if done correctly.

I hope this has encouraged you all to get streaming. I look forward to watching your broadcasts. Make sure you let me know when you’re going live Michael@inspiredfilmandvideo.co.uk