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We work across many sectors but there are a number of areas where we have built up extensive knowledge and expertise. This has developed through extensive work in these areas, which has lead to us having a thorough understanding of how best to work on your films and ultimately a better understanding of how we can communicate your message in an effective manner.

Aerial Filming

We are qualified and licenced providers of high end drone services across the UK and beyond.

Our camera operators and highly qualified pilots have years of experience at delivering all kinds of aerial filming. From small vehicle surveys and inspections to specialist heavy lift work on feature films and everything in between.


As experienced sports broadcasters we specialise in all forms of sports video production, live broadcast, reportage and promotional work.


At Inspired we are passionate about history and heritage. We believe studying, celebrating and sharing the past can often help us to make sense of the present and shape the future for the better. We make films that bring the past to life and engage a modern audience to think about the themes discussed.


The healthcare sector, both public and private, are using the power of video in its ongoing goal to provide better services at less cost. Inspired have been at the forefront of video production in this sector working with hospitals, trusts, service providers, charities and medical suppliers for a number of years.


Film and Video are being used in the construction industry to train those that work in it, to gather investment, to sell and to help win contracts. Inspired are highly experienced at working within a construction environment and the special requirements needed for filming on site.


Whether you are a UK company exporting or an international organisation with interests in the UK you can rely on us to deliver your filming needs. We are highly experienced in communicating with customers in different timezones, producing projects in multiple languages and in providing cost effective international film crews.