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At the heart of everything we do is you — the customer. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals through the effective use of video communications. We know how important your business and brand are and we know how important your film project is. That’s why you’ll receive nothing but our undivided attention, commitment and dedication throughout the film-making process. We treat every project as our most important yet and strive to deliver the best piece of work we have ever done each and every time.

The Team

Behind our ethos is our talented team of internationally experienced creative producers. All aspects of your production are handled in house and we encourage our customers to come and spend time with us at any point of the production process to meet the team and find our more about how your film comes together.



Dan was one of the founders of Inspired in 2006. Dan’s days, weeks and months tend to revolve around the strategic direction of Inspired but he can also often be found getting involved with researching our documentary projects or working late at night in the editing suite. Dan is a film buff with a passion for people and their stories. He’s a keen golfer and swimmer, occasionally combining the two after an errant drive. Most often heard saying, “Did you know…”



As Creative Director Ryan is at the heart of all our projects. His creativity and vision are key to us delivering films that inspire. His attention to detail and passionate belief that we should constantly be pushing boundaries with our work ensures that the quality and creativity of our work is consistently high. Ryan is equally at home planning, directing, shooting or editing. Ryan has a Trabant, a Staffordshire Bull terrier and a Ukulele. Most often heard saying, “Have we made sure…”



Mike makes sure that your film is on message and does what you need it to do. His enthusiasm and determination to continue to explore new ideas and technologies means that we can always be relied on to offer our customers the best possible solutions. Although he hasn’t got a great voice he definitely makes sure he sings our praises to anyone who’ll listen. His passion for Inspired is only matched by his passion for his beloved Stoke City and having a good time. Most often heard saying, “Could we try…”



Award-winning documentary film-maker, Adam joined Inspired in 2012. Adam’s creative flair, technical ability and enthusiasm for discovering new technology and tools to aid the film-making process make him a vital member of the team. Asked to describe his role he said, “My job is to make it look nice.” and he certainly delivers on that front. Adam is also a bow tie model. Most often heard saying, ”That’s great.”



James’ can do attitude means he leads on our broadcast crewing work. Whether travelling to Newcastle to interview a Premier league footballer at 5am in the morning or working on edits late into the night we can rely on James to get a job done and to do it well. James’ other loves are loud dance music, American football and the gym. Most often heard saying, “Boooom!”



The face and voice of Inspired. To most people Sidd is the first person they come into contact with at Inspired. Her enthusiasm and personality are infectious and make her the ideal person to tell the world about all the fantastic work we do here at Inspired. A film graduate herself her multimedia talents are now being applied to our marketing and social media projects. Sidd never takes it easy in fact she prefers to work standing up. Most often heard saying, ”Good morning. Inspired.”



Tom joined Inspired from the highly regarded media production course at Staffordshire University, bringing with him fresh ideas and an enthusiasm to make his mark in the world of film production. Tom has grown up around Europe and the UK and at 22 he is the youngest member of Team Inspired but he brings with him a professionalism and diligence which has exceeded all our expectations. He is a skilled camera op and editor and we all look forward to seeing him develop his career at Inspired. Tom’s film making skills are only matched by his FIFA skills on the Playstation where he constantly hands out thrashings to colleagues, associates and visitors to the Inspired HQ. Most often heard saying “pick that one out of the net”