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Here is a taste of what we get up to at Inspired.

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Graduating with flying colours

Recently we were thrilled to win a tender to deliver video coverage of the Staffordshire University graduation ceremonies.

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Mike and Ed watching Chinese football

Talking all things Chinese football!

By 2019 China will be the largest film market in the world. A population of 1.4bn certainly helps when it comes to viewing figures. We are very excited to be working with a major London production company on a new feature length documentary about Chinese football.

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Facebook Live

Go Live

Facebook Live, we’ve all heard about it, we’ve all seen broadcasts and we all know we should be using it more to engage with our customers and expand our brand’s influence, but where do we start? How can your business use Facebook Live effectively?

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Stoke-on-Trent for City of Culture 2021 logo

Let’s celebrate Stoke-on-Trent, let’s celebrate the great design, pottery art, music, literature and drama produced here. Let’s also celebrate the day to day culture of the six towns we are proud to call home. Let’s celebrate the culture of hard work, pubs, football terraces, solidarity, laughing at ourselves, looking out for one another and asking ‘Owrayte Duck?’

DiCamillo tours

A Grand Day Out

We met Curt Di Camillo from – US based, Di Camillo Tours when we were working with the Wedgwood Museum on a Heritage Lottery Funded project. His organisation brings over travelling parties from North America. As long time advocates for history and heritage based film-making we knew he would be the perfect client for us.

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Enjoy Staffs

Inspired By Staffordshire

We have created many destination marketing films over the years, having worked in Singapore, Macedonia and for the Calais development agency. However it is our recent work with Enjoy Staffordshire that has given us most satisfaction. It’s been a great honour to promote the place in which we live and work and share with the rest of the planet what a great area Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire is to visit.

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It’s Time to Face the Fact(ual)

This month we visited the UK’s largest annual documentary film festival Sheffield DocFest, to meet commissioners, industry experts and fellow film-makers to keep up to date with the latest technology, trends, techniques, watch the odd film and network until the small hours with some of the industries movers and shakers(it’s a hard life!).

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Winton Children Film

Nicholas Winton saved the lives of hundreds of Czech Jewish children just before the outbreak of World War 2.

Some of them came to live in Penkhull, Stoke-on-Trent and this is the story of their remarkable journey and the lives they built in the city.

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Lidice 75th anniversary

June 10th marks the 75th anniversary of the destruction of the Czechoslovak village of Lidice by the Nazis during World War 2. Five years ago we were honored and privileged to work with the Lidice Memorial Museum, Stoke on Trent City Council, Stoke City Football Club, the Heritage Lottery Fund and Friends of Chatterley Whitfield to produce a documentary film and accompanying exhibition and education pack to mark the 70th anniversary.


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‘Macari’s Red & White Army’ is a new documentary film which we are producing. It’s a celebration of the glorious Stoke City team that won the league title in 1992/1993.

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The familiarity we have with video content means marketeers need to be ahead of the curve when planning their strategy for the upcoming year to ensure their brand stands out from the crowd. At Inspired it’s vital to our business to know what type of video marketing is on trend. So to save you time we have taken what organisations like Forbes, The Guardian, Mashable, Marketing Week and Tubular Insights are saying and put together a brief guide….

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Inspired Film and Video are looking to recruit a senior content producer to work within an enthusiastic film production team managing projects, shoots and a team of creative content producers.

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LIFE IN 360°

360° film making is the hottest video marketing trend of the moment. Inspired can help your company join the virtual reality revolution.

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Documentary and exhibition commemorating Wedgwood and the Great War launches.

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We filmed Develop Trainings industry skills forum.

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We were recently Workplace of the Week for BBC Radio Stoke.

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We filmed a series of recruitment films for NSCHT.

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Stoke on Trent has achieved the great status of being European City of Sport 2016.

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We support a lot of charitable events and help where we can, spending an evening at the Sanja charity ball gave us an excuse to dress up.

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